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Finding the Right Real Estate Lawyer: What to look out for

Finding the Right Real Estate Lawyer in Mississauga Area

Some people don’t give any thought to hiring a lawyer unless when faced with litigation. However, this isn’t the only time to source the services of a lawyer. You might need a lawyer when purchasing or selling your residential or commercial property. So, how do you choose the right real estate lawyer? Your realtor might have introduced you to one. Or perhaps, your friend, workmate, or relative worked with a lawyer they speak highly of. What criteria do you use to determine the best lawyer for you? Don’t worry. Gujral Law Professional Corporation in Mississauga, Ontario, is here to help … Continue reading

Why New Landlords Should Partner with Property Lawyers

Property Lawyer Mississauga

Are you considering renting out properties? If so, it’s wise to work with a real estate lawyer. If you’re in need of a property lawyer in Mississauga, Ontario, contact Gujral Law Professional Corporation right away. For now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits real estate lawyers offer. Make Sure Your Rental Contract is Ironclad As a landlord, the contract you sign with tenants is one of the most important contracts you’ll ever have to write up and sign. If the contract is poorly written, it could cause many headaches later on. On the other hand, a well-written … Continue reading

Things You Should Know When Buying Your First Condo

Buying Your First Condo in Mississauga Area

Buying a condo is different from buying a single-family home. First of all, it is important to understand what a condo is. A condo (known as a “condominium”) is a privately owned individual unit within a larger building or complex. There are certain things you need to know and take into consideration before purchasing a condo unit.  What Should You Take Into Consideration When Buying Your First Condo  Here is a list of things you should consider: Every condominium community is different. Every condominium community has its own fees, amenities, and management company. There are hundreds of condominium communities in … Continue reading

The Basics of a Second Mortgage (How Do Second Mortgages Work)

How Do Second Mortgages Work in Mississauga Area

Looking to remodel your home or need money to start a business venture? One way to raise funds without dealing with hassle of getting another loan from the Bank is to take out a second mortgage. Before taking out a second mortgage, it’s wise to speak with a Lawyer. While interest rates for these loans may be reasonable for some borrowers, a second mortgage comes with serious risks. Residents living in and near Mississauga who are considering a second mortgage should engage a mortgage legal service to seek whether the second mortgage is a reasonable option or not. Contact Gujral … Continue reading

Factors to Consider When Drawing Up a Commercial Lease

Commercial Real Estate Legal Service in Mississauga Area

Any entrepreneur looking to rent a commercial property should work with a lawyer to draw up and review contracts. Legal language can be challenging to understand, and leases involve a lot of fine print. It’s easy for busy business owners to overlook crucial details, making it vital to hire a lawyer, such as Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral of Mississauga, for commercial lease agreements. Of course, business owners need to pay close attention to who pays what when drawing up a commercial lease. This includes rent, property taxes, utilities, and insurance. These factors could have a significant impact on the company’s expenses. … Continue reading

How to Find a Good Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Lawyer in Mississauga Ontario Area

A real estate lawyer is a legal professional who knows how to and is legally authorized to prepare and review the paperwork for selling and purchasing a residential or commercial property. It is recommended to hire a real estate lawyer when you need to oversee a real estate transaction, review a contract, or mortgage documents. How to find a good and reliable real estate lawyer? Here is a list of things to look for:  Finding a Good Real Estate Lawyer: Things to Look For: The signs of a professional and experienced real estate lawyer include the following: Knowledge of the … Continue reading

Common Ways a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You When You Need It Most

Benefits of a Real Estate Attorney in Mississauga ON Area

Transactions in the world of real estate are incredibly serious and can often be stress-inducing if you do not have the proper legal help behind you. The Gujral Law Office in Mississauga, Ontario is here to help when you need the assistance of a lawyer who is trained and certified in real estate law. Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral knows the potential roadblocks you may face and is prepared for any situation. Outside of purchasing a new home, there are other services a real estate lawyer can assist you with. Here are some common areas where having a real estate lawyer could … Continue reading

Why You Will Need a Lawyer to Help with Refinancing Your Property

Lawyer for Mortgage Refinance in Mississauga Area

Your property holds more than just monetary value to you. It isn’t just wood, wires, and plumbing – it’s where you raised your kids and called them home. Your property is just a bunch of numbers to lenders. Mortgage lenders are well known for being creative in how they get business. You need to have someone keeping your best interests in mind when negotiating deals when it is time to refinance your mortgage. Gujral Law Professional Corporation has experienced lawyers for a mortgage refinance that Mississauga, Ontario, residents can call. How Can a Lawyer Help Refinance Property?  They Have Direct … Continue reading

Advantages And Disadvantages of Mortgage Refinance

Mortgage Refinance Lawyer in Mississauga Area

Many homeowners ask a common question: is it worth refinancing a mortgage? First of all, it is essential to understand what a refinance is. In simple words, mortgage refinance is the process of getting a new loan to replace an existing one. It is a common financial move for many homeowners who want to get into a better loan situation. However, like any other option, it has its advantages and disadvantages: Advantages of Loan Refinancing Here is a list of benefits of mortgage refinancing: Your monthly payments are lower. Mortgage refinancing allows you to spread your mortgage payments over a … Continue reading

Proactively addressing and avoiding the legal landmines with trusted real estate lawyer counsel

Lawyer for Real Estate Dispute Near Me in Mississauga, ON

Gujral Law Professional Corporation distinguishes itself favorably from other legal firms in and around Mississauga, Ontario, who market themselves as providing real estate services. For one, our lawyer, Tarunjeet Gujral, has built a thriving real estate practice area. Additionally, he is an experienced, successful litigator. So, he has the considerable technical knowledge and firsthand experience with a wide range of contractual and transactional real estate matters. Also, his vast experience extends to representing clients who are being sued over real estate-related disagreements. Alternately, Mr. Gujral is an internationally trained mediator. He has helped clients avoid the expense, time, and stress … Continue reading

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