Common Causes of Landlord-Tenant Disputes and How a Lawyer Can Help

Lawyer for Landlord Tenants Dispute Mississauga ON

Disputes between the landlord and tenants may occur due to various reasons. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common sources of landlord vs. tenant disputes. Of course, the below list is far from exhaustive. If you have questions, contact Gujral Law Professional Corporation in Mississauga, Ontario, to speak with a lawyer for landlord-tenant disputes. Common sources of landlord-tenant disputes include: Missed rent Maintenance and upkeep Property damage Property misuse Missed Rent Payments If a tenant has fallen behind on rent, you should immediately contact a real estate lawyer. By acting quickly, you may be able to … Continue reading

Navigating civil matters, uncovering opportunities presented by motions

Types of Civil Motions in Mississauga Area

Litigation requires special talents. Not all lawyers have the passion, interest, or natural aptitude to litigate. Plus, not all litigation is the same. Civil litigators have unique knowledge and expertise. You can trust Tarunjeet Gujral’s blend of skills as a litigator and experience with various types of civil motions. Your case is in excellent hands by turning to Gujral Law Professional Corporation of Mississauga, Ontario. The Opportunities Behind Different Types of Motions Criminal law is associated with those behaviours that may be considered offensive against the public, province, and society – even if the victim is an individual. Civil law, … Continue reading

Things You Should Know When Buying Your First Condo

Buying Your First Condo in Mississauga Area

Buying a condo is different from buying a single-family home. First of all, it is important to understand what a condo is. A condo (known as a “condominium”) is a privately owned individual unit within a larger building or complex. There are certain things you need to know and take into consideration before purchasing a condo unit.  What Should You Take Into Consideration When Buying Your First Condo  Here is a list of things you should consider: Every condominium community is different. Every condominium community has its own fees, amenities, and management company. There are hundreds of condominium communities in … Continue reading

The Basics of a Second Mortgage (How Do Second Mortgages Work)

How Do Second Mortgages Work in Mississauga Area

Looking to remodel your home or need money to start a business venture? One way to raise funds without dealing with hassle of getting another loan from the Bank is to take out a second mortgage. Before taking out a second mortgage, it’s wise to speak with a Lawyer. While interest rates for these loans may be reasonable for some borrowers, a second mortgage comes with serious risks. Residents living in and near Mississauga who are considering a second mortgage should engage a mortgage legal service to seek whether the second mortgage is a reasonable option or not. Contact Gujral … Continue reading

Why Do You Need a Lawyer to Draft an Agreement or Contract

Agreements Drafting Lawyer in Mississauga Area

It’s essential to read the fine print before you sign any contracts or other legal documents. It’s especially crucial to thoroughly examine any major legal agreements that could substantially impact your life or the life and well-being of loved ones. If you need to draft a contract or agreement, you should hire a lawyer. Residents living in or near Mississauga who need an agreement drafting lawyer should contact Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral at Gujral Law Professional Corporation. Legal language can be complex, and it’s easy to misinterpret things, especially if you don’t have a lot of training, education, and knowledge regarding … Continue reading

When Does it Become Necessary to Consult a Small Claims Lawyer?

Small Claims Lawyer in Mississauga Area

Residents of Mississauga can take claims of $35,000 or less to the Small Claims Court. If you’re pursuing larger claims, you’ll need to head to the Superior Court of Justice. It’s possible for folks to represent themselves in Small Claims Court. However, it’s advisable to work with a lawyer. Otherwise, you’re exposing yourself to risks and may reach an unfavorable settlement. Contact Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral at Gujral Law Professional Corporation if you live in or near Mississauga.  While the claims in Small Claims Court are “small” in the view of the court system, for individuals and families, $35,000 or $5,000 … Continue reading

How Lawyers Can Help Property Owners Protect Their Property

Lawyer for Landlord Tenant Disputes in Mississauga Area

Renting properties offers a great way to build equity and earn income. While many tenants may turn out to be great, some could cause problems. Having a landlord disputes lawyer on your side is crucial to ensure that your properties and interests are protected. Landlords in the greater Mississauga area should contact Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral to discuss steps they can take to protect their properties. A Professional Lease/ Rental Agreement is a Must The lease or rental agreement with tenants will be one of the most important documents you’ll put together as a landlord. It’s crucial that this lease be … Continue reading

Why Lawyers Are Crucial for Startup Founders

Find a Business Lawyer for Startup in Mississauga Area

From Monday to Sunday, your lawyer is a crucial advocate for your interests. Anyone setting up a startup or other business should have a lawyer who will handle various legal matters and look out for their well-being. Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral is a leading business lawyer for businesses based in Mississauga. Feel free to get in touch to learn how a lawyer can help. First, a lawyer can provide crucial assistance from the get-go. For example, setting up a corporation versus owning a sole proprietorship is a major decision. When shares are involved, as is common with startups, deciding who owns … Continue reading

Factors to Consider When Drawing Up a Commercial Lease

Commercial Real Estate Legal Service in Mississauga Area

Any entrepreneur looking to rent a commercial property should work with a lawyer to draw up and review contracts. Legal language can be challenging to understand, and leases involve a lot of fine print. It’s easy for busy business owners to overlook crucial details, making it vital to hire a lawyer, such as Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral of Mississauga, for commercial lease agreements. Of course, business owners need to pay close attention to who pays what when drawing up a commercial lease. This includes rent, property taxes, utilities, and insurance. These factors could have a significant impact on the company’s expenses. … Continue reading

How to Find a Good Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Lawyer in Mississauga Ontario Area

A real estate lawyer is a legal professional who knows how to and is legally authorized to prepare and review the paperwork for selling and purchasing a residential or commercial property. It is recommended to hire a real estate lawyer when you need to oversee a real estate transaction, review a contract, or mortgage documents. How to find a good and reliable real estate lawyer? Here is a list of things to look for:  Finding a Good Real Estate Lawyer: Things to Look For: The signs of a professional and experienced real estate lawyer include the following: Knowledge of the … Continue reading

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