Sound defence to protect your business; proactive and alternative strategies minimize legal risks

“Defence” refers to the act and function of protecting the interests of an individual, group, or organization. As it relates to the work of a business lawyer like Tarunjeet Gujral, those parties that need the defending are often facing down accusations or claims from other parties or legal action such as civil suits. As ominous as this may sound, Gujral Law Professional Corporation can prevent many of the disagreements or legal risks that can lead to the need for a business defense lawyer in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Business Defense Attorney Consultation Mississauga Near Me in Mississauga, ON

If legal action cannot be avoided due to the specific circumstances, or if other alternative channels have been exhausted, our business owner-clients have peace of mind. They know the reputation and stability of their respective businesses are in excellent hands due to our track record of successfully representing our commercial clients. 

Additionally, we have derived considerable insight from often navigating complex legal waters with plaintiffs or those on the “other side of the aisle.” This knowledge, from partnering with employees or parties as they move forward with the civil action, is invaluable; we can get into the claimant’s mind. In doing so, we predict their behaviors, which gives us an edge in legal proceedings.

Businesses may require a sound defence to represent them in matters as vast as the operations within their organizations. Disputes and lawsuits can arise from issues not limited to:

  • Contracts
  • Leases
  • Restructuring 
  • Confidentiality agreements 
  • Non-disclosure agreements 
  • Partner and shareholder agreements
  • Intellectual property
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful termination 
  • Harassment
  • Product liability 
  • Personal injuries 
  • Workplace injuries, compensation 

For every point listed above, there are several proactive actions or practices that can minimize the risk of disagreements related to each matter. Notably, we take a long view when partnering with businesses of all types and sizes. We want to set the relationship up well and soundly from the get-go. Ideally, entrepreneurs will enlist us when first embarking on their business ventures. That way, we can draw up contracts and other documentation that is sound and protects the business from many common legal oversights. 

Additionally, we work with HR teams and personnel on policy manuals and other documents that guide the workforce’s conduct and other foundational aspects and operations. These policies and standards must be nurtured, reviewed and adjusted periodically to account for business changes and broader changes within the world and legal realm. 

Lastly, our lawyer, Tarunjeet Gujral, is internationally trained in alternative dispute resolution. You and your business leadership may avoid going to trial and the associated stress and expense through this process of mediation and arbitration. We have had a high degree of success with this option and may even be able to salvage valuable relationships! Don’t wait to “be served.” Get ahead of potential legal pitfalls. Call Gujral Law Professional Corporation at (647) 957-8077 to schedule your confidential consultation.

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