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Canada presents a robust market for your products and services. The “Canadian way” is to celebrate the immigrating families and businesses that the country is built upon. As such, there are several rich and thriving business immigration programs for you as an entrepreneur to consider. These programs can support the seamless transition of your company and its sustained growth and viability; however, there is no denying the complexities associated with establishing and running a business in the current global environment and the immigration process. At Gujral Law Professional Corporation in Mississauga, we are intimately aware of the challenges and opportunities presented by this process. And we partner with entrepreneurs like you to assure that such a multi-faceted shift is smooth and positions your enterprise well for whatever the world, competitive environment, and society has in store. 

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Tarunjeet Gujral is a business, civil, and real estate lawyer has extensive and lengthy practical experience in the legal field. He has established a strong record among clients and peers in commercial and corporate practice areas and via his substantive knowledge and firsthand know-how of federal and provincial laws. In consultation with you and its tie ups, Gujral Law will explore your options to arrive at the best program for you and your business’s needs. These so-called “immigration pathways” or “immigration streams” include: 

  • Startup Visas – If your business is starting up, or you are seeking a new adventure as a serial entrepreneur, this program may be just what our attorney leader recommends! The program is designed to attract new businesses and foreign business visionaries to our borders. It requires a “letter of support” or certificate from a Canadian organization that can vouch for you. From there, you can secure status as a permanent resident by embarking on a venture with the organization or business group, which has been designated as a potential funding source or investor.
  • Provincial Business Nominees – Most Canadian provinces and territories “host” their own provincial programs. Since every part of this vast country is unique, each province program has differing needs for talent and, in turn, varying opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurial types. For instance, some provinces may expressly seek out tech-based firms as eligible nominees. So, you may qualify for one program and not for another. Likewise, net worth- and investment-related requirements vary by province and territory. 
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) – Canada’s standard for those employers hiring foreign workers to conduct a full LMIA. The LMIA is simple; one must prove that hiring externally will not negatively affect the Canadian economy. The associated documentation presents a credible need for hiring beyond our borders. As you might imagine, the process requires great detail and is quite complex. There are also exceptions to this “rule,” namely in the form of owner-operators tasked with creating business in Canada. 

Additional programs are specific to provinces or have to do with particular types of employees and employers; for instance, there are permanent residency options for talent in sports or cinema. To say that all of this is a dizzying process would be an understatement. By partnering with an experienced legal professional who knows all the ins and outs, the prospect of immigrating one’s business is far less daunting and far more realistic. Contact us today at (647) 957-8077 to schedule your confidential consultation with Tarunjeet Gujral. 

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