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Starting and running a business often requires a professional team that can help back up the business owner when unforeseen issues arise. This is when business owners in the area of Greater Toronto Area including Mississauga, ON may want to ask for legal services from a lawyer. A business-focused lawyer such as Tarunjeet Gujral offers a wide range of services in the commercial realm, including expertise in contract law and a variety of other business-related legal issues such as corporate formation and restructuring.

Business Legal Services in Mississauga ON area

Why are contracts necessary for businesses?

Whether you are a new entrepreneur getting your business off the ground or a more established company that is growing, it is important to have legal representation for contractual litigation. Creating contracts and completing paperwork is often not the “strong suit” of new business owners, but legal team at Gujral Law Office can make sure contracts are complete and binding, while also providing litigation services for clients who have contractual disputes. There may be times when either a business or a client breaks a contractual agreement, and working through the courts can be extremely overwhelming for business owners. Tarunjeet Gujral is here to assist, providing help for businesses that need it.

What aspects of business can our legal team assist with?

What aspects of business can our legal team assist with in Mississauga, ON area

Tarunjeet Gujral is a lawyer with many different specialties in the legal arena. When it comes to business law, he provides not only contractual assistance and litigation, but can also provide mediation and arbitration between business and client. This can also help in keeping the issue from moving towards the courtroom and alleviate extensive legal costs.

In addition, Gujral Law Office can help when it comes to the drafting and review of important contracts, and can even work with creating non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements.

Why choose a business lawyer?

A business lawyer has special expertise in the area of commercial and corporate law. Gujral Law Office can provide services that less experienced professionals cannot. In addition to working with contracts and litigation over breaches of contract, Gujral Law Office also offers:

  • The formation of corporate entities (both federal and provincial)
  • Restructuring law
  • Disputes with shareholders and partners
  • Commercial and residential tenancies
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Sale and purchase of businesses
  • …and much more

At Gujral Law Office, our team works closely with clients to ensure their business is in compliance with all the federal and provincial laws in the country of Canada. If a contractual issue arises, clients will be able to work with our lawyer to achieve results through mediation, allowing clients to avoid unnecessary courtroom litigation that can cost thousands of dollars to pursue. Many problems and disagreements can be handled before the concern is brought to court and having a litigation lawyer available to help with mediation can save your company money in legal fees and services.

How often do I need to reach out to my business lawyer ?

How often do I need to reach out to my business lawyer

Lawyers such as Tarunjeet Gujral provide services as needed and can be on the sidelines to help when issues arise. Gujral Law Office encourages its clients to keep in touch with law office over time and reach out when a contractual or other business legal problem occurs/ issues arise. We can help in providing guidance and mediation and can also provide recommendations on how businesses should reach to certain situations.

Clients in the areas of Mississauga and its neighbouring area are welcome to connect with Gujral Law Office to learn more about how to protect their business from lawsuits and how to closely follow the legalities that their business is linked to in Canada.

Legal counsel is just a phone call away, and for potential clients who are interested in obtaining a business lawyer/ representation, scheduling a consultation with our professionals is the first step in legal assistance. Tarunjeet Gujral can work with a variety of businesses to help them succeed!

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At Gujral Law Office, business clients can obtain the assistance they need to protect their best interests. If you need help with contractual obligations or other legal issues, we welcome you to visit with our office to discuss your business’s specific needs and desires. Call (647) 957-8077 and visit the office at 1020 Matheson Blvd Unit 12 in Mississauga, ON.

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