Let a Mississauga, ON commercial lawyer assist with your business purchase or sale

For many years, Gujral Law Office has helped guide clients through the process of business purchases and sales. Whether you are interested in selling your company or acquiring one, it is best to have a commercial lawyer in the Mississauga, ON, on your side. We have the resources to ensure the process is smooth, legal, and done correctly to avoid further problems down the line. It is essential that a commercial lawyer practice due diligence during the most critical phase of buying and selling a business.

Commercial Lawyer in Mississauga ON area

Why do I need a lawyer with experience in commercial litigation?

Setting up a new business or acquiring an existing one comes with certain legalities that need to be handled appropriately to ensure there are no loose ends or courtroom battles in the future. Tarunjeet Gujral fully understands the very real consequences in certain post-sale situations and can steer clients away from issues that may affect their negotiation deal. Our clients are managed from beginning to end, ensuring the deals made in purchasing or selling a business are of the utmost integrity, and that our clients have the knowledge of potential risks and advantages of a business transaction. Clients love the ability to hand over the legalities of a business purchase or sale to a professional who has years of experience in managing difficult commercial transactions.

What are the benefits of working with a commercial lawyer during a business purchase or sale?

A commercial lawyer can assist in the transaction of buying or selling a business in the following ways:

  • Perform due diligence to ensure the business assets, debts, and financial information is in line with what is being reported
  • Create the contracts for the purchase or sale of a business and its assets
  • Negotiate the transaction to represent the client position for the best possible deal and most comfortable agreement for both buyer and seller
  • Provide proper valuation to assist during the negotiation process
  • Ensure the property of the business is meeting the standards and expectations of zoning rules
  • Locating buyers and sellers for your current or future business venture
  • Complete the official business transfer
  • Handles courtroom concerns that occur as a result of a business purchase or sale
  • Protect your long-term financial future and interests during the process of buying and selling
  • Manage commercial lease disputes that may arise during negotiation or litigation
  • Research properties and check for liens or tax debts that may be attached

In what situations is a commercial lawyer helpful?

In what situations is a commercial lawyer helpful in Mississauga ON areaThere are many moving parts and elements to the purchase or sale of a business. Tarunjeet Gujral is committed to helping clients enjoy a smooth transaction from start to finish. With the guidance of a commercial attorney, clients can rest easy knowing no stone is left unturned. Gujral Law Office offers the research and assist in the purchase and sale of businesses between corporations and even individual business entrepreneurs. It ensures that the purchase is made with everyone’s best interests in mind, and follow the process every step of the way. Our team is here to minimize the risks of buying or selling a business, and make sure that all aspects of the transaction are monitored closely. Tarunjeet Gujral can negotiate on behalf of client to get the best possible deal and can assist post-sale with litigation if problems should emerge after the closing of a business contract.

Why choose Tarunjeet Gujral?

Gujral Law Office of Mississauga, ON is here to help business clients with the complexities of commercial and business law. Legal guidance from Tarunjeet Gujral is backed with experience. He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, Law Society of Ontario, and the Peel Law Association. He continues to stay abreast of changes and emerging legal concerns to offer informed, reliable, and appropriate counsel to his clients. Tarunjeet Gujral also works with clients in civil litigation and real estate law, providing a wide range of legal assistance for new and current clients of his practice.

Are you interested in the purchase or sale of a business?

Mississauga, ON area residents who are interested in the purchase or sale of a business are encouraged to work with a commercial lawyer who has experience in handling the entire process from start to finish. Call Tarunjeet Gujral’s law office today by calling (647) 957-8077 and visiting 1020 Matheson Blvd Unit 12, Mississauga, ON.

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