How real estate lawyers and realtors, brokers differ: We take the legal risks out of your transaction

In his more than combined 25-year legal career, Tarunjeet Gujral of Gujral Law Professional Corporation has developed considerable knowledge and experience in the practice area of real estate law. There are many opportunities to benefit from the expertise of a real estate lawyer. We’ve outlined some of the benefits that our many clients in Mississauga, Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area have derived by partnering with us. 

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What exactly does a real estate lawyer do? 

Real estate lawyers have highly specialized knowledge of the legal ins and outs of the complex Canadian and provincial real estate market. Lawyers like Tarunjeet Gujral often interface with real estate agents; however, their function and expertise differ considerably from agents or brokers. 

For instance, the real estate agent is equipped to handle the “front-end” of the process of acquiring or selling property. They are skilled at knowing the available inventory and matching buyers, tenants, and business owners to “homes” for their families or their employees/teams. Agents further “smooth over” the process of acquiring or selling property by processing paperwork and handling necessary responsibilities like home inspections and negotiations. 

A real estate lawyer also takes the potentially massive headaches out of the process; however, they prevent clients from stepping on costly legal landmines as well. They do so by using their expertise in drafting technical documents to review paperwork and assure that the transaction is airtight from a legal risk standpoint. 

Depending on your needs, Gujral Law Professional Corporation’s real estate team can draw up documents for you, too. You never have to worry about the viability of such documentation when partnering with a firm with a strong track record in this practice area. We field any questions and provide guidance on potential legal sticking points over the life of the transaction. 

The big picture: We represent and protect the interests of our clients, whether this means guiding restrictions and covenants, arranging for title insurance, or identifying questionable verbiage or terms within contracts.

How can you help would-be home buyers (and sellers)?

Services range from drafting, reviewing, and renegotiating contracts to providing trusted counsel on various issues. We also confirm that abstracts of titles are prepared properly as mandated by Ontario law (so the property can be legally registered). Tarunjeet Gujral further represents renters and landlords in disputes and other basic yet necessary functions. 

Do you represent commercial interests? 

Yes! We also have substantial expertise partnering with businesses, large and small and somewhere in between. At every stage of one’s business, we can be called upon for trusted counsel. We have assisted businesses with liens, rental agreements, mortgage refinancing, debt consolidation, litigation, and second mortgages on properties zoned as “commercial” – the list goes on. 

How can we assist you and your household goals or business needs? Call (647) 957-8077 to schedule a consultation at our Mississauga office. You can also reach out to us via this website. All communication is secure and held in the strictest confidence.

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