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Buying or selling residential and commercial real estate is one of the larger financial transactions that we encounter throughout our lives. Real estate is a huge investment and when it is time to buy or sell one of your biggest assets, it is important to have a trusted law firm to help you navigate through the process with ease, knowing that you are making the best decisions for your family or your business. At Gujral Law Office in Mississauga, ON, we have many years of real estate law experience and an in-depth knowledge of the legalities surrounding real estate transactions to help you get through your real estate purchase or sale with confidence.

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How a real estate lawyer can help in residential transactions

Purchasing a house is a major financial decision, whether it is your first house or your fifth. As a residential real estate lawyer, Mr. Gujral is here to help you navigate the process of buying or selling your house with ease, helping you rest easily that you and one of your biggest assets are protected both short- and long-term. When you work with a real estate agent, they will likely be able to help you with understanding some of the common situations that may arise, but a real estate lawyer like Mr. Gujral has the in-depth legal knowledge and skills to help you through more complex issues, such as:

  • Creating rent-to-own agreements
  • Paying taxes on your property, including overdue taxes
  • Managing liens on the property
  • Evicting tenants
  • Registering your property under the Land Titles Act
  • Refinancing your home or a second mortgage

In addition, Mr. Gujral has the experience to anticipate potential roadblocks and help you proactively plan for them on your residential real estate path.

Commercial real estate law

Purchasing or selling commercial real estate is an in-depth process that can be difficult to wade through without the expertise of a real estate lawyer. With knowledge about the Ontario land laws, placing liens on properties, creating rental agreements, and other legal issues specific to commercial real estate, Mr. Gujral can help you make the most out of your commercial real estate investments.

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