Top Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer in Mississauga, ON

When you think about a lawyer, chances are you immediately have thoughts about trials or courtroom activity. While you’d probably never enter a courtroom without a lawyer, chances are you haven’t had the same thought about buying or selling a home. The truth is that for many, home ownership is the single biggest financial investment he or she will ever make. Hiring a real estate lawyer can protect you against the unexpected, save you money, and help ensure the closing goes smoothly. At Gujral Law Office, we provide real estate law services in Mississauga, ON to help make the entire process efficient. Below, we’ll look at some of the important reasons to hire a real estate lawyer.

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer at Gujral Law Office in Mississauga, ON Area

A Real Estate Lawyer offers you full representation

When you hire a real estate lawyer, he or she is working for you to make sure that the outcome of the transaction goes in your favor. Other parties have a financial interest in the transaction, which can impact the advice they offer to you. A real estate lawyer is an expert in the law and providing legal advice to you which ensures they will protect your right and your interest.

A Real Estate Lawyer expects the unexpected

Real Estate lawyers are prepared for anything. With years of experience reviewing contracts and their expansive knowledge of the law, they will be able to help you avoid situations or complications that you didn’t foresee.

A Real Estate Lawyer understands contracts

When it comes to contracts, there is a lot of “legal language.” A real estate lawyer will interpret and modify the contract to ensure your interests are being protected. Having a qualified expert working on your side means he or she can explain the contract to you and advise you on any modifications that will best meet your needs.

A Real Estate Lawyer can help with inspection contingencies

If the home you are buying has inspections contingencies revealed in your Contract (Agreement of Purchase & Sale or with any document provided during transaction) such as asbestos, termites, illegal structures, or other hazards, a real estate lawyer will help you ensure that you aren’t unknowingly purchasing a home with serious or costly problems.

A Real Estate Lawyer will keep the purchase process on track

Once you’ve found your dream home, you want to ensure the whole process flows without unnecessary delays. A real estate lawyer will work with all the parties involved to make sure dates are set and kept for important milestones such as home inspection, titles, mortgage, and other contingencies.

A Real Estate Lawyer will advise you on your legal obligations

During any real estate transaction, there is the possibility that an issue can occur with the deal. If for some reason you need to back out of a contract, a real estate lawyer will advise you on the repercussions and your legal obligations.

A Real Estate Lawyer will review all legal documents

Sounds like an obvious point, but it’s an important one. A real estate lawyer will review all documents including the deed, mortgage loan documents, closing documents, and title documents to check for errors that could delay the transaction.

A Real Estate Lawyer can help advice the seller

Real Estate lawyers are not just for those buying a home. There are many different challenges to listing and selling a home. A real estate lawyer can help you make important decisions and navigate the negotiation process so that you receive the best outcome possible.

A Real Estate Lawyer can give you peace of mind

Whether buying or selling a home, when you have a real estate lawyer on your side, you have the peace of mind that an experienced individual is looking out for your best interests throughout the entire process.

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