We are your business’s experienced legal partners; critical support at every “stage” of the business lifecycle

Gujral Law Professional Corporation in Mississauga, Ontario, takes the approach of partnering with businesses and organizations from throughout the Greater Toronto Area before they become defendants. We say this because so many of the disputes that ultimately lead to the need for a responding lawyer can be prevented with ongoing, professional corporate legal services that evolve as you, your team, and your business grows. 

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Our lawyer, Tarunjeet Gujral, is proud to say that we support businesses as their operations grow and mature. We play an all-important role in the sustainability of organizations throughout the Toronto area. We function as vital members of many businesses’ advisory boards, right alongside other seasoned professionals who are also very good at what they do – from bankers and accountants to wealth managers and insurance agents. 

We can relate in many respects to the insurance agent, as they specialize in minimizing risk exposures. We do much the same; only our focus is minimizing legal risks. Many potential vulnerabilities in our world surface due to the language in legally binding documents or contracts. This service presents an area with which we are particularly adept. We work closely with business owners, leaders, and other important staff (for instance, HR leads) to draft airtight contracts and allow no room for the blind spots or loopholes that can result in other parties taking action against you. 

Our services on this front also extend to other documents vital to the business’s success and sustainability, including policy manuals and handbooks. It is essential to treat these documents as the “living, breathing” entities that they are; by that, we must assure that the likes of policies and procedures are reviewed on an ongoing basis and updated and altered as needed to account for the likes of new regulations or compliance needs. 

Additionally, as evidenced by some of the types of cases that we have successfully navigated and resolved on behalf of our business clients, Gujral Professional Corporation has developed and refined considerable expertise and experience in real estate law. There are many potential considerations and legal exposures associated with the “four walls” of one’s business, especially as property and real estate needs grow when organizations expand. Not many lawyers in the region who works with companies can claim our depth and breadth of real estate law expertise. A partial list of the type of litigation that may fall under the “business” category follows: 

  • Breaches of contracts
  • Employment-related claims (i.e., wage/hour disputes, harassment, wrongful terminations, non-competes and disclosures)
  • Class Actions: for instance, unlawful actions related to data breaches, or employment practices
  • Shareholder actions (i.e., violations of shareholders’ agreements)
  • Representation of residential and commercial tenants 
  • Drafts and reviews of leases and other real estate contracts, documentation
  • Business acquisitions, sales, restructuring, formation

Last but certainly not least, we are trained and experienced in the art of mediation. You as a defendant may be able to keep more money in your “pocket,” save time and even salvage valued partnerships and relationships with this alternative route. 

There is likely a reason you are reviewing this topic. So, we encourage you to contact Gujral Law Professional Corporation today at (647) 957-8077 to schedule your appointment. Of course, your privacy and confidentiality are our priority and fundamental to our partnering with clients through the challenges and opportunities presented throughout the life of their organizations.

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