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Real Estate Legal Services in Mississauga ON area

Agreements and other contracts are the backbone of all transactions. But that is really where the universality of such critical documentation ends. There are specific stipulations and requirements associated with different types of transactions. At Gujral Law Professional Corporation, we speak the language of real estate. Our team in Mississauga, Ontario, is led by Tarunjeet Gujral, an experienced and talented civil litigator and commercial and residential real estate solicitor. And, with extensive services and expansive expertise and perspective, we are just as adept at the draft and other steps toward crafting a lease (or another agreement) as we are at … Continue reading

Successful resolution of property disputes built on substantial real estate practice area expertise

Lawyers for Property Disputes in Mississauga ON area

Real estate matters have never been more complex. This corner of the legal world is becoming increasingly complicated due to trends in everything from Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements. Also, given the many moving parts associated with real estate transactions and management, there are rife opportunities for conflicts to arise. With appropriate legal guidance, Gujral Law Professional Corporation helps minimize the risk of property disputes. And, when legal action is taken, we have the real estate practice area expertise that distinguishes us from other lawyers in Mississauga, Ontario, the GTA, and beyond. We … Continue reading

Avoiding navigating mortgage disputes with niche real estate law expertise

Mortgage Litigation in Lawyer Mississauga ON area

Your home is your castle. So, while Gujral Law Professional Corporation in Mississauga, Ontario, has considerable expertise in residential real estate practice areas, we appreciate that mortgage matters can be particularly emotionally charged. We know you want to protect your investment and the four walls that you worked so hard to acquire and to call your own. We represent our clients in mortgage and related real estate litigation and legal action very seriously.  In addition, our experienced civil litigator and real estate lawyer, Tarunjeet Gujral, takes a proactive approach to resolving property disputes and supporting the needs of clients from … Continue reading

Tips for Determining if You Need a Civil Lawsuit Lawyer

Lawyer for Civil Lawsuit in Mississauga ON area

When your civil rights are violated, it can be a surreal experience. Most of us feel helpless and demoralized, thinking we can do nothing about it. Unfortunately, many people do not seek proper legal counsel, allowing the offending party to get away with it. But, if you’re looking to stand up for your rights and have been searching for terms such as “civil law lawyers near me,” the Gujral Law Professional Corporation can help. Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral is an experienced civil rights lawyer who will help you stand up for your rights. Fight for Your Rights Civil litigation is the … Continue reading

What Type of Services Does a Business Law Firm Provide?

Business Law Firm in Mississauga ON area

Whether you have a start-up or a large corporation operating internationally, working with a business lawyer to handle your legal needs is a benefit to any business owner. Business lawyers assist clients in a number of different legal matters, from the formation of a business to dissolution or sale. In short, a business law firm can help clients by facilitating their day-to-day needs in business.  Services Provided by a Business Law Firm Having an experienced and knowledgeable commercial litigation lawyer in Ontario is an asset and at times essential when you need someone who can handle all types of business … Continue reading

The Role of a Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Lawyers in Mississauga ON area

Real estate transactions are serious business, and this applies whether you’re buying your first home or investing in residential properties. Working closely with lawyers for real estate in Mississauga, Ontario, can help ensure your buying experience is efficient and low-stress.  What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do in Mississauga, Ontario? Real estate transactions require the execution of specific protocols so the buyer can avoid both short and long-term repercussions. When issues arise, you may find yourself facing unexpected expenses and even litigation. Ontario requires that all properties be registered via an electronic system under the Land Titles Act. This system … Continue reading

Avoiding the legal pitfalls associated with property contracts, transactions

Real Estate Lawyers in Mississauga area

Our homes should be a sanctuary, not a source of stress or even fear. And, with inventory consistently being squeezed — especially within more affordable price points — residential real estate law presents a particularly active and dynamic practice area for Gujral Law Professional Corporation. We partner with and represent clients on both sides of the aisle, tenants as well as landlords and real estate professionals in Mississauga and throughout the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. Whether you own, rent, or otherwise have a stake in a property, our lawyer, Tarunjeet Gujral, encourages being proactive, getting ahead and avoiding problems … Continue reading

Expertise in business law at every stage in the “life” of your company

Business Litigation Law in Mississauga ON area

There are many joys associated with “being your own boss,” owning and operating a business. However, when you first start up, it is important also to be aware of and accept the many risks that come with running a business. At Gujral Law Professional Corporation, we provide an array of services to various organizations representing myriad industries across Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. In part, these services are designed to “get ahead” of potential problems, minimizing the risk of litigation and other damaging consequences due to poorly- or loosely-worded contracts.  And, should you wish to move forward … Continue reading

Don’t wait to litigate; trust our considerable expertise in favourably resolving civil matters

Lawyer for Civil Lawsuit in Mississauga ON area

If you have been wronged and are seeking legal recourse, civil litigation is a pathway to compensation and other damages for existing losses as well as future losses. Conversely, you may represent the party that is “being sued.” It would help if you had an experienced lawyer like Tarunjeet Gujral on your side.  Gujral Law Professional Corporation has considerable expertise in successfully representing both plaintiffs, bringing claims forward, and the defendants responding to them. So, regardless of whether you are initiating a lawsuit or responding to it, your case is in excellent hands with our team in Mississauga, Ontario. The … Continue reading

Finding the Right Real Estate Lawyer: What to look out for

Finding the Right Real Estate Lawyer in Mississauga Area

Some people don’t give any thought to hiring a lawyer unless when faced with litigation. However, this isn’t the only time to source the services of a lawyer. You might need a lawyer when purchasing or selling your residential or commercial property. So, how do you choose the right real estate lawyer? Your realtor might have introduced you to one. Or perhaps, your friend, workmate, or relative worked with a lawyer they speak highly of. What criteria do you use to determine the best lawyer for you? Don’t worry. Gujral Law Professional Corporation in Mississauga, Ontario, is here to help … Continue reading

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