Supporting your journey to a “dream home” for your family or business through skilled real estate law

Real Estate Lawyer in Mississauga ON Area

When looking for a new “home” for your family or business, it is also essential to prioritize looking for and selecting a talented and experienced real estate lawyer. So, we are glad you are here at the online home of Gujral Law Professional Corporation. As an experienced and talented real estate lawyer, Tarunjeet Gujral partners with both individuals as well as businesses from across the Mississauga, Ontario area.  Additionally, we provide legal services to parties on both sides of the aisle: buyers and sellers – homeowners, business tenants, and landlords. We can get “into the heads” of the other party … Continue reading

Sound counsel, invaluable perspective at every stage in your business’s “life”

Commercial Business Lawyer in Mississauga ON Area

When starting your first or next venture, be sure to enlist the expertise of a seasoned and talented commercial lawyer like Tarunjeet Gujral. Ideally, Gujral Law Professional Corporation will be an essential component of your cabinet of advisors or advisory team from the get-go. We provide invaluable insights into business law and can interface with and complement the expertise of other internal and external advisors, be it your banker, risk management professional/insurance agent, or real estate broker. As trusted outside counsel, our team proactively supports the launch, growth, and sustainability of organizations from across the Mississauga, Ontario, area. Just as … Continue reading

Complete legal services to successfully navigate the complexities of your civil case

Civil Legal Services in Mississauga ON area

Civil law is associated with disputes between private parties. Examples include contract-related or employment disputes. These matters are in contrast to criminal legal services, which are concerned with offences to the state, are a matter of public law, and present potential harm to society at large. Litigation refers to the processes involved with settling disputes. When parties refer to “going to trial,” “suing,” or “being sued,” they are actually referring to the litigation process. Gujral Law Professional Corporation provides considerable and sound expertise in civil law to individuals and groups in Mississauga, Ontario, and beyond. Our services include litigation but … Continue reading

Protecting your investment and livelihood with a range of commercial real estate services

Commercial Real Estate in Mississauga Area

While dynamic commercial real estate in Mississauga, Ontario, and beyond is also highly cyclical, there is significant potential for dramatic losses and swings in one’s fortunes. Our experienced and talented team at Gujral Law Professional Corporation cannot avert or anticipate every potentially costly change, downturn, and risk on the horizon. However, our practice, led by commercial and real estate lawyer Tarunjeet Gujral, partners with both commercial and residential firms, professionals, and individuals to proactively identify and minimize potential future pain points and risk exposures.  As it relates to your commercial property, step back and consider the “life” of any contractual … Continue reading

Treating your civil case with the seriousness and care that it deserves

Civil Case Lawyer Near Me Mississauga Area

Legal action is not to be taken lightly. In Ontario, the party held legally responsible for financial losses, physical damage, and other consequences of civil matters must pay all fees accrued during the process, including at least a portion of the other party’s associated costs. Gujral Law Professional Corporation encourages individuals in Mississauga and the GTA not to embark on this process alone. As a highly qualified and experienced civil lawyer, Tarunjeet Gujral has the demonstrated expertise to navigate the complexities and technicalities of the legal system proficiently. Our clients know that their case is in good hands. Additionally, we … Continue reading

Trusted legal guidance avoids costly, damaging disputes and sets your business up for success

Lawyer for Small Business Near Me Mississauga Area

In Canada, nearly 98% of all of our fellow businesses are characterized as “small,” employing anywhere from one to 100 employees. According to government statistics, some 101,000 companies will join our ranks each year. During the same timeframe, another 90,000 businesses will close their doors. In all, almost three of every ten businesses will cease operations after five years. Half of all companies in the “goods-producing” sector will make it to their 10th birthdays, while the figure is even lower for organizations deemed as “service-producing” (with a survival rate of 44.7% at the 10-year mark). Our team at Gujral Law … Continue reading

The expertise you deserve to ensure the right real estate transactions

Real Estate Legal Services in Mississauga ON area

Agreements and other contracts are the backbone of all transactions. But that is really where the universality of such critical documentation ends. There are specific stipulations and requirements associated with different types of transactions. At Gujral Law Professional Corporation, we speak the language of real estate. Our team in Mississauga, Ontario, is led by Tarunjeet Gujral, an experienced and talented civil litigator and commercial and residential real estate solicitor. And, with extensive services and expansive expertise and perspective, we are just as adept at the draft and other steps toward crafting a lease (or another agreement) as we are at … Continue reading

Successful resolution of property disputes built on substantial real estate practice area expertise

Lawyers for Property Disputes in Mississauga ON area

Real estate matters have never been more complex. This corner of the legal world is becoming increasingly complicated due to trends in everything from Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements. Also, given the many moving parts associated with real estate transactions and management, there are rife opportunities for conflicts to arise. With appropriate legal guidance, Gujral Law Professional Corporation helps minimize the risk of property disputes. And, when legal action is taken, we have the real estate practice area expertise that distinguishes us from other lawyers in Mississauga, Ontario, the GTA, and beyond. We … Continue reading

Avoiding navigating mortgage disputes with niche real estate law expertise

Mortgage Litigation in Lawyer Mississauga ON area

Your home is your castle. So, while Gujral Law Professional Corporation in Mississauga, Ontario, has considerable expertise in residential real estate practice areas, we appreciate that mortgage matters can be particularly emotionally charged. We know you want to protect your investment and the four walls that you worked so hard to acquire and to call your own. We represent our clients in mortgage and related real estate litigation and legal action very seriously.  In addition, our experienced civil litigator and real estate lawyer, Tarunjeet Gujral, takes a proactive approach to resolving property disputes and supporting the needs of clients from … Continue reading

Tips for Determining if You Need a Civil Lawsuit Lawyer

Lawyer for Civil Lawsuit in Mississauga ON area

When your civil rights are violated, it can be a surreal experience. Most of us feel helpless and demoralized, thinking we can do nothing about it. Unfortunately, many people do not seek proper legal counsel, allowing the offending party to get away with it. But, if you’re looking to stand up for your rights and have been searching for terms such as “civil law lawyers near me,” the Gujral Law Professional Corporation can help. Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral is an experienced civil rights lawyer who will help you stand up for your rights. Fight for Your Rights Civil litigation is the … Continue reading

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