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Civil litigation lawyer serving Mississauga, Ontario

Do you feel it would be to your benefit to initiate a claim against another party for a violation of your civil rights? Have you been sued or received legal papers that require a response? It is important to obtain qualified legal advice promptly! As a civil litigation lawyer Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral represents clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario.

Do you need a civil litigation lawyer in Mississauga, Ontario?

Civil litigation generally refers to the court process of fighting contractual disputes and other civil legal issues. The intent of the civil justice system is to hold individuals and businesses accountable for their actions (or lack thereof). Those who are not diligent in their activities or conduct non-compliant operations are at risk of a civil lawsuit. They may be sued for carelessness or failing to uphold their end of a written or oral agreement. Without the legal advice of an experienced civil rights lawyer, they may face serious financial and reputational consequences.

Gujral law Office provides legal services in the following areas:

  • Civil litigation, from inception to trials at various levels
  • Civil motions and civil applications
  • Claim discovery and cross examination
  • Contractual litigation
  • Commercial litigation including shareholder disputes
  • Construction and general liens
  • Landlord Tenant Board/Social Benefit Tribunal
  • Real estate and mortgage litigation – commercial and residential
  • Small claim matters

You may file a Statement of Claim to start a civil litigation suit against a party who has caused financial loss or physical damage, regardless of whether the loss was intended or not. However, if damage was deliberately inflicted you may be entitled to punitive or exemplary damages, with recovery exceeding your actual loss.

Filing a lawsuit is serious. Although a civil action can be filed without legal assistance, the system is complicated and technical. In Ontario, the loser generally must pay his own legal fees plus all or part of the winner’s costs. Mr. Gujral can help you determine if a reasonable offer to settle at the earliest possible stage makes sense.

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Tarunjeet Gujral is a highly detailed and articulate professional. He demonstrates very high level of professional and personal integrity and one can always trust him for ensuring the interest of his clients. A highly mature personality, he is able to handle complicated situations and clearly drive resolution approach forward. I know him from more than last 18 years - from the time he started his practice in India. I have seen him attain high professional standards and have come to respect him for his sincerity. I would highly recommend him and wish him all the best.
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