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In Canada, nearly 98% of all of our fellow businesses are characterized as “small,” employing anywhere from one to 100 employees. According to government statistics, some 101,000 companies will join our ranks each year. During the same timeframe, another 90,000 businesses will close their doors. In all, almost three of every ten businesses will cease operations after five years. Half of all companies in the “goods-producing” sector will make it to their 10th birthdays, while the figure is even lower for organizations deemed as “service-producing” (with a survival rate of 44.7% at the 10-year mark).

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Our team at Gujral Law Professional Corporation in Mississauga, Ontario, appreciates that your business is small in size of one’s workforce only. You have big dreams, ambitions, and talents! By enlisting the expertise of Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral as your legal advisor, we set your enterprise up for success from the get-go. After all, how owners identify, anticipate, and address any legal risks associated with factors such as inherent, unique threats within their particular business structure, industry, sector, and market can either elevate the organization to new heights of success – or cause it to falter early on, even wither away nearly as quickly as it may have surfaced.

An essential extension of your team 

Mr. Gujral has acquired considerable business law knowledge and experience. Additionally, he has carved out niche expertise in areas such as real estate – particularly interesting to professionals in the commercial and residential space. Demonstrated success in these practice areas helps your business at every stage of its life, from its formation and incorporation to potential growing pains, challenges, and pivots. While Mr. Gujral is a talented litigator, he also knows that many issues, disagreements, and disputes that lead to costly, time-consuming, and otherwise undesirable legal action can be avoided. By providing guidance on legal terminology in contracts, policy handbooks, and other important documents, it is possible to minimize or eliminate the risk of legal issues arising. Such oversight and guidance include: 

  • Drafting and reviewing important, legally binding documentation
  • Modifying and updating documents to reflect the likes of changing regulations
  • Serving as a sounding board on matters ranging from hiring queries to disciplinary action and termination 
  • Negotiating, 
  • Counsel on acquisitions, compliances  
  • Accommodation of workplace injuries 
  • Support of safe, healthy, and hazard-free work environments

Our services on this front are as varied as the needs of the business and are indeed unique to you and your venture! In addition to proactively managing legal risks, Gujral Law Professional Corporation also provides alternative dispute resolution. We can help you avoid costly legal processes and even help salvage partnerships and relationships with mediation and arbitration expertise. Phone (647) 957-8077 with questions or to schedule an appointment at our office in Mississauga, ON.

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Having completed his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1994, Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral has years and years of experience in the many areas of civil law. He is open to clients from all backgrounds and to make them feel at home and comfortable, he speaks Hindi and Punjabi in addition to English. He understands the gravity of a client reaching him and seeking his assistance and assures that your confidentiality will be protected. His areas of expertise include civil matters, tenancy issues, contractual issues, commercial issues, mediation and arbitration, real estate closing and sale and purchase of businesses.

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