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Gujral Law Professional Corporation distinguishes itself favorably from other legal firms in and around Mississauga, Ontario, who market themselves as providing real estate services. For one, our lawyer, Tarunjeet Gujral, has built a thriving real estate practice area. Additionally, he is an experienced, successful litigator. So, he has the considerable technical knowledge and firsthand experience with a wide range of contractual and transactional real estate matters. Also, his vast experience extends to representing clients who are being sued over real estate-related disagreements.

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Alternately, Mr. Gujral is an internationally trained mediator. He has helped clients avoid the expense, time, and stress associated with real estate disagreements with dispute resolution. Lastly, our firm has represented and partnered with a diverse array of clients. These clients range from businesses who lease or own their properties to commercial real estate groups and professionals who own, lease, and manage properties. Likewise, our clients have included both landlords and tenants. In turn, we have firsthand knowledge of the unique needs of both commercial and residential clients and from both the perspective of the tenant and the property owner or manager.

As with other civil or business law facets, real estate-related disputes tend to arise from contractual matters. We appreciate that, to the layperson, legal contracts can be a daunting read. There are many complexities and terms to wade through. These terms and perceived challenges are second nature to us. We sit down with our clients to draft contracts as needed. We ensure there are no holes or potential legal landmines within these documents. Building owners and managers alike appreciate our attention to detail.

The same detailed, no-stone-left-unturned approach is applied to our work with business clients, who may be acquiring property as their business grows. Or, conversely, they may be downsizing and looking to shed property as a chunk of their workforce moves to the remote office setup or due to other evolving business needs. Property investors also turn to us for ongoing counsel and for consistently responsive and trusted expertise.

Tenants, lease-holders, homeowners, and other parties also have peace of mind. Tarunjeet Gujral assures that they know exactly what they are signing before they “make it official.” He advises on any changes to contracts and provides a sounding board and voice for clients concerned about a transaction or associated documents.

We encourage you to bring your concerns or questions to us without delay. There is a seasoned, empathetic expert on your side to work on your behalf and to assure any arrangements are in your best interests. Call (647) 957-8077 to reach Gujral Law Professional Corporation today. All communication is held in the strictest confidence.

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Having completed his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1994, Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral has years and years of experience in the many areas of civil law. He is open to clients from all backgrounds and to make them feel at home and comfortable, he speaks Hindi and Punjabi in addition to English. He understands the gravity of a client reaching him and seeking his assistance and assures that your confidentiality will be protected. His areas of expertise include civil matters, tenancy issues, contractual issues, commercial issues, mediation and arbitration, real estate closing and sale and purchase of businesses.

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