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Agreements and other contracts are the backbone of all transactions. But that is really where the universality of such critical documentation ends. There are specific stipulations and requirements associated with different types of transactions. At Gujral Law Professional Corporation, we speak the language of real estate. Our team in Mississauga, Ontario, is led by Tarunjeet Gujral, an experienced and talented civil litigator and commercial and residential real estate solicitor. And, with extensive services and expansive expertise and perspective, we are just as adept at the draft and other steps toward crafting a lease (or another agreement) as we are at the exacting reviews of the contractual language to ensure these documents are airtight. In doing so, we protect your investment both in the now and your financial security well into the future. 

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Regardless of which side of the aisle we are on, our practice is proactive. We know many potential disputes and costly fallouts from transactions can be avoided through the precision and completeness of the contract and by ensuring that no stone is left unturned upon review of the documents associated with the transaction. The thread that weaves through all of these transactions, be it when renting an apartment as a tenant or leasing an office unit within a commercial space as a landlord, is the documentation. So, on this front, our expertise on the “buyer side” includes: 

  • Reviewing purchase agreements 
  • Searching if any claims or liens are registered or filed against the property
  • Arranging title insurance 
  • Ensuring valid titles at closing 
  • Searching up-to-date taxes on properties
  • Calculating land taxes due at closing 
  • Drawing up mortgage documentation, if required 
  • Closing 
  • Ensuring all legal/financial obligations are fulfilled and addressed
  • Exchanging documents and keys and finalizing other matters as needed with the seller’s legal representation on behalf of the client  

Likewise, services on the “seller side” are not limited to:

  • Reviewing language of the sale agreement and other documents associated with the transaction from the get-go
  • Providing a trusted “assist” when negotiating terms, conditions
  • Preparing deeds
  • Handling title issues as needed
  • Closing 
  • Ensuring all “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed when it comes to conditions from both a law and finance perspective
  • Transferring legal documents and keys and resolving other final needs with the buyer’s solicitor on behalf of the client  

The paperwork involved with real estate transactions can be dizzying. Let us lift the hassle, stress, and complexities of this process and ensure that the transaction goes off without a hitch. Phone (647) 957-8077 to reach one of our talented and seasoned real estate legal pros at Gujral Law Professional Corporation in Mississauga, ON, today. 

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Having completed his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1994, Mr. Tarunjeet Gujral has years and years of experience in the many areas of civil law. He is open to clients from all backgrounds and to make them feel at home and comfortable, he speaks Hindi and Punjabi in addition to English. He understands the gravity of a client reaching him and seeking his assistance and assures that your confidentiality will be protected. His areas of expertise include civil matters, tenancy issues, contractual issues, commercial issues, mediation and arbitration, real estate closing and sale and purchase of businesses.

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